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Horace Trahan, the maker of the hit single, “That Butt Thing,” in 1999, is a world renowned Cajun and Zydeco artist, respected for his ability to pull the hell out of an accordion and belt out vocals that will give you chills. Having over-stepped boundaries and bypassed the stereotypes of naysayers, this native of Ossun, Louisiana, has made a huge and highly anticipated comeback on the music scene!

Horace’s music took root quickly, and he formed a band called, “The Ossun Express.” The band consisted of an accordion, fiddle, guitar, bass, drums, and sometimes a triangle. This version of “The Ossun Express” never recorded, but played many local venues and festivals, making a name for the group. In the year 2000, Horace revamped his band with all new members, and they were called, “The New Ossun Express.” It was at this time that Horace recorded his second album entitled, Get On Board, on the Zydeco Hound label. In 2001 they followed up with his third and final album on the same label, entitled, Reach Out and Touch a Hand, which was later renamed by its new owner, Fred Charlie, as That Butt Thing, for the title track of the same name.

Having thoroughly learned the business of owning the music you write and create, Horace’s self-released albums, Keep Walking, (August 2010); his Christmas In Every Way EP, (December 2011); and All The Way, (August 2012), are extremely successful records registered under his own record label and publishing company, The Redemptive Process.

Since the age of three, Horace’s genuine appreciation for music, is still his source of unwavering creativity, today. With influences ranging from Iry LeJeune, Aldus Roger, Lawrence Walker, Hank Williams, Hank Williams Jr., George Jones, to Wayne Toups, John Delafose, Boozoo Chavis, Beau Jocque, Clifton Chenier, Bob Marley, and Bob Dylan, there is no stopping Horace Trahan from expressing himself in any facet of music!


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